Are you looking into alternatives for Trello? Here we go:

Unordered list: with GitHub links:

fast and easy install with Docker:

  • Restyaboard docker pull restyaplatform/restyaboard
  • Kanboard docker pull kanboard/kanboard
  • Wekan docker pull wekanteam/wekan


Kanbaord is the one I'm currently working with. It has a well documented API, plugin and OAuth support. It's in comparison lightweight. The style is not really modern.

Look at the Kanboard feature page:

It has an unofficial Android app but no iOS app is available.


This is the same board if you book the whole restya package for money/month. It is more modern looking than the Kanboard and has an iOS App.



This is the one I would have installed if I would like a better look at all. In my opinion it combines everything very well. The design is well made. And very intuitive. You can add Cards with a one click. Maybe I'll switch to it later on.

Wekan Board
Wekan Board with columns

You can try these out with the following simple steps:

Now you got yourself a little terminal on a Server:

Goto the Docker Page of your Board you want to try out. For example: Follow the Steps on the page. Basically just find your docker-compose.yml. wget this and then:

docker-compose up -d

If you want to attach to the output simply:
docker-compose logs -f

to destroy the instance do:
docker-compose down

The Ports are automatically opened. On the top of your play-with-docker tab there is this little button:

click on the port button.