If you downloaded the latest version of Inkscape >= 1.0, maybe you have experienced heavy lags while using it.

I have a somewhat beefy Mac with an 4 Ghz Intel Core i7, 32 Gb of RAM. And even there it lags. I haven't tried it on my Mac Book but I can only guess that it will lag considerably hard.

How to detect

Just draw a circle, rectangle whatever try to move it it will lag. First I thought it must be that my machine is running at a limit, but no. Using htop it shows only 10% CPU usage overall. But in Inkscape when drawing or moving rectangles it caps at 100% single core usage.

How I fixed it

  • Open up your Display Setting
Open Up your Display Setting
  • Go to the Tab "Color"
You can find the Color setting under your Display settings
  • Change your current profile to sRGB.
Changing to sRGB IEC61966 will fix the problem

I had those problems in Mac OS X Mojave with the latest Inkscape Version downloaded from their website: 1.0.1 (c497b03c, 2020-09-10)

The Problem exists since version 1.0. Maybe they fixed it already :) But they can fix it faster if you support Inkscape:

Medium banner says Support Inkscape

Helpful Links:


  • Inkscape can lag when running on Mac OS X
  • A fix is not available yet, but downloading the newest version is always a good idea :)
  • How to detect: Easy it just lags you will feel it, even when drawing simple shapes.
  • How to fix: Go to your display settings, then change the color profile to sRGB.

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