This error is displayed by Twitch if this content has been blocked due to the so-called NetzDG.

In German this Erros Message looks like this:

Dieser Premium-Inhalt ist in deiner Region nicht verfügbar. (Fehler #1)

or like this if your language setting is in English:

This premium content is not available in your region.


The video on Twitch was likely reported by a user. Reasons for this could be a violation of the law in Germany or your Country. This violation not necessarily have to have taken place, usually the assessment of an employee, in this case at Twitch, is sufficient to block the content. The platforms want to avoid millions of dollars of fines.

The german law can be read at: Link and mainly affects users from Germany.

You can find a good YouTube about that topich here: (in German)


If someone wants to watch the video anyway, they can probably do so from abroad. Since the law only applies to German users, the video is geo-blocked by the various platforms. A location can be assigned to each IP address; if this is in Germany, the video is blocked.

A VPN can generally bypass geo-blocking. If an server is selected, which is not located in Germany, the video will be displayed again. Maybe you'll have to change language code of your browser.

Usually you can do this in the language settting of your browser, or you use an plugin called User-Agent-Switcher. It is available in the AddOn Stores of Chrome and Firefox.


One of the solutions to bypass geoblocking can be a VPN. These are available from many different VPN providers, one of the largest and fastest is NordVPN. You have to choose an US IP as the outgoing server.

Tor Network

You can also view this content via the TorBrowser. However, the Tor network is very slow and you put high traffic on some Tor Server. This may affect the experience for other Tor Users, which may need the Tor Browser to visit or something.

To choose a fixed Out-Node in the Tor-Browser you'll have to do the following:

In the torrc file you have to add a small configuration. You can find this file in the installation folder of the Tor-Browser. Usually under: Browser \ TorBrowser \ Data \ Tor

Put this one liner at the end of the file:

ExitNodes {us}

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