I'm wondering if I should name this GameDev Log or GameEngine Dev Log or... well I'm far far away from a functioning game. But If I only wanted to make a game I could use Unreal or Unity or Godot. Why invent the wheel if we have flying cars.

But, as I said I originally started developing a GameEngine because I wanted to improve my C++ skills. I have done so many projects in Java and some stuff in C, mostly Uni related stuff. That I felt I needed to learn more C++. At Uni they don't teach you programming languages. They teach you Algorithms, Maths, Logic and How a Computer works. Caches and such. So it is up to you, to properly learn a language. What better way to do things that you like, like developing your own engine.

This week.

OpenGL and Framebuffers. Rendering into a Texture.

I had some Uni exams this week so I only played a little bit around with Framebuffers. As you see in the Screenshot above I'm rendering the scene twice, first I'm rendering it from above with an Orthographic projection, and then I'm rendering the scene from the normal fly camera with a perspective projection.

I attached a color texture to the framebuffer and then I'm using a different shader to display the texture on a quad.

Convolution Matrix

It's so good to see things you learned at Uni come to use in your game engine. :) ... The next day I think I'll explore the world of "Kernels" and Image Processing. Another nice thing is that I have hot reloading of my shaders in my engine. I think this is a must.